The North Face Mountain Light Jacket

The North Face Mountain Light Jacket – Perfect for active winter outings. Finding the perfect lightweight winter jacket is no easy task. You need something that offers you warmth, but doesn’t overheat you once you get going. You also need something that fits snug and comfortably to help hold in body heat, but also has to be able to stretch […]

Windbreaker Jackets

I don’t think anyone will argue the fact that a lightwieght jacket is something that should be in any pack. From day hiking in the desert, to weekend long hikes in the Rockies; a jacket is an essential. While most people like to opt for a fleece jacket, I am more into high end windbreaker jackets. Keep in mind that […]

The Top Rain Jackets for Backpacking

Having a great rain jacket is an essential piece of gear that know backpacker or outdoor enthusiast should be without. Deciding on the right rain jacket for yourself depends on a lot of variables. The two biggest of these variables would have to be your budget and where you do most of your outdoor activities. For most of you, the […]

Marmot Tamarack Jacket

Marmot Tamarack Jacket – A sleek winter jacket. Ski jackets are great, there is no argument there. My only gripe with the majority of ski jackets is they way they are built. Most are large and baggy so that you can easily and comfortably wear layers under them. But, what about those days you don’t need layers or need something […]

Spyder Cocoon 3-in-1 Jacket

Spyder Cocoon 3-in-1 Jacket – Sweet 3 in 1 ski jacket. The 3 in 1 style jackets are great for skiers and snowboarders. Their ability to easily transform to meet your needs makes them extremely handy. The Spyder Cocoon 3-in-1 Jacket is no exception. You can quickly go from a super warm and water repelling jacket, to a a light […]

Columbia Waypoint Rain Shell

Columbia Waypoint Rain Shell – Super affordable rain shell. In early 2008, the Columbia Waypoint Rain Shell made the cut into Outside Magazine Gear of the year issue. One reviewer said it best when they said this; “Lets put it this way: if the other jackets listed here are Audis, the Columbia Waypoint Rain Shell is a Toyota.” While the […]

Outdoor Research Avido Jacket

Outdoor Research Avido Jacket – A glorified windshell. It is always a good idea to pack a jacket when you head outdoors, but sometimes it dosen’t make since to take a full windshell or rain jacket. This is especially true during the summer months and in warmer climates. So, what is one to do? Well, the Outdoor Research Avido Jacket […]

The North Face Steep Tech Work Shell Jacket

The North Face Steep Tech Work Shell Jacket – Extreme ski and snowboard jacket. There are plenty of well designed ski and snowboard jackets out on the market. You can find a snowboard jacket for just about any type boarding from occasional use to regular backcountry boarding. I’m not trying to say that any of these jackets are poorly made, […]

Columbia Sportswear Whirlibird 3-in-1 Jacket

Columbia Sportswear Whirlibird 3-in-1 Jacket – A great all around winter jacket. Picking out the winter jacket that’s right for you can be a hard thing to do. You want one that will keep you warm when it gets really cold, but you also want one that can protect you from the elements. On top of that, its nice to […]