Best Backpacks for RTW Trips

The backpack is the single most important gear item for your round-the-world trip. Your backpack will be your home for the next 6 months or how ever long you’ve been lucky enough to score off for travel – so you’re going to want it to be perfect. If your backpack is too small, not padded enough, or poorly designed for […]

The Best Women-Specific Backpacks of 2010

What’s the deal with women-specific packs? Do I really need one? Are they really that much better than unisex packs or are they just a marketing ploy to appeal to women? Trust me women-specific backpacks are much more than backpacks with pretty colors and designs. Women-specific packs are designed to conform to the unique shape of a woman so they […]

Gregory Jade 50 Women’s Pack

Gregory Jade 50 Women’s Pack – award-winning multi-day women’s pack The Gregory Jade 50 pack has been updated for 2010 with a newly designed ventilation suspension system.  The redesign is so fabulous that it was awarded an Editor’s Choice award from Backpacker Magazine for Best All-Around pack.  This pack must be amazing because the competition in the backpack category is […]

Gregory Drift Ski pack

Gregory Drift ski and snowboard backpack—the smallest Gregory winter pack, a scaled down Targhee pack If you are looking for a small, compact and super nimble pack to take with you for a day of backcountry touring or trying to find untouched powder fields in the sidecountry, the Drift pack by Gregory is an ideal choice. While this pack still […]

Gregory Targhee Pack

Gregory Targhee Pack—The first backcountry pack out there to integrate ski and board carry system directly into the pack suspension Since skiing in the back and sidecountry often involves a whole lot of time hiking and hauling your skis up mountains, finding a ski or snowboard pack that not only fits and organizes all of your gear, but also makes […]

Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack

Gregory Alpinisto 50 Pack – Great load distribution. I just recently was exposed to the Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack is was pretty impressed with what I learned about. I haven’t had a chance to try out this pack first hand, but if its features work as well as they are described to, the Gregory Alpinisto 50 Backpack should be a […]

Gregory Palisade 80 Pack

Gregory Palisade 80 Pack – An updated version of the classic. The Gregory Palisade 80 Pack has been a classic internal frame backpack for some time now. While the original version of the Gregory Palisade 80 Pack was great, the updated version is better than ever. The have kept all of the original features that made the Gregory Palisade 80 […]

Gregory Miwok 18 Day Pack

At first glance, the Gregory Miwok 18 Day Pack may not seem like a very impressive day pack. But you would be judging this book by its cover if you were to come to that assumption. The Gregory Miwok 18 Day Pack is a very well thought out day pack with a lot of features that you can only appreciate […]

Gregory Z65 Backpacking Pack

Gregory Z65 Backpacking Pack – The perfect size. For those of you who don’t do a lot of seriously long backpacking trips, finding the ideal sized backpack can be a bit challenging. More times than not, all of your would be choices are going to be too big or too small. If you only ever go on weekend backpacking trips, […]

Gregory Women’s Deva 60 Backpack

Gregory Women’s Deva 60 Backpack – Especially made for the ladies. Lets face it, ladies just aren’t built the same way that guys are. Some of the more average to larger size females might not have too many problems with typical guy backpacks. But, for smaller and petite females, these packs might as well be a body bag. If you […]