Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket

Burton Poacher Snowboard Jacket – A sweet snowboarding jacket. Sking and snowboarding jackets have come a long way since the days of multi-neon colored suits. Snowboard jackets especially have taken to the fashion world by creating snowboarding jackets that not only perform well, but are stylish as well. One such manufacturer is the popular snowboard company, Burton. Their Burton Poacher […]

Top Travel Safety Gear

Traveling safe is an important issue for any traveler. Here are a few inexpensive items that will help keep you safe abroad without taking up much room in your pack. Id also be intrested to hear about any other ways paeople keep thier stuff safe while they are traveling. Door Jam Lock This little badboy is small enough to fit […]

What do you look for in a backpack?

We all have our own little things that we prefer in our backpacks. Some of us like lots of little pockets, while others can’t stand the thought. Many like backpacks big enough to fit everything and the kitchen sink, while other prefers a smaller pack for the minimalist approach. I was just wondering what criteria everyone used when picking out […]

Waterproof Backpacks

Waterproof Backpacks – Perfect for when you never know what to expect. For many travelers, waterproof backpacks are unnecessary. In fact, to take a waterproof backpack on your average trip would be a pain. These bags are stiff, hard to zip up, and expensive. But if you are the type of traveler that finds yourself camping in the jungle one […]

Deal of the Day 5-16-07

This handy-size vacuum bottle keeps beverages hot or cold up to four hours, perfect for jaunts to the beach or half-day drives Rugged stainless steel ensures durability Storage space is cleverly designed into the lid should you wish to bring along extra sweetener for your coffee or tea D-ring clip lets you attach bottle to your pack Closeout