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Marware Eco-Flip for iPad

Marware Eco-Flip – a unique 3-in-1 eco-leather flip case for iPad Travelers and location independent professionals are going crazy over the new iPad.  Just released in April 2010, manufacturers are racing to create the most innovative and versatile accessories for the iPad. Marware’s Eco-Flip for iPad is an eco-friendly flip folio that acts as three products in one: a leather […]

Be.ez’s LA Robe Allure for iPad

Be.ez’s LA robe iPad Allure – protect your iPad with this styling new sleeve by Be.ez The iPad, Apple’s latest laptop meets smartphone device, hit market shelves this April 2010.  Similar to the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the iPad uses a multi-touch screen for user interactions.  Designed for the mobile user, the iPad is ideal for browsing the web, […]

Mountainsmith Borealis Camera Pack

Mountainsmith Borealis Camera Pack – Ideal for the digital photographer. In this digital age, and with more and more people “flashpacking” out there, it amazes me that there are not more camera backpacks that feature a dedicated laptop compartment. Regardless of your reason for wanting to carry your laptop with the rest of your camera gear, you will be happy […]

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card

Eye-Fi Explore eco-friendly memory card—for all the tree hugging flashpackers out there, a memory card that turns your camera into a wireless camera Since more and more travelers and explorers these days are “flashpacking”—i.e. loading their backpack or suitcase with expensive tech gadgets and gear—it is no surprise that someone out there stopped to think about trying to find a […]

Asus U6V-B1 Netbook Review

Bamboo Asus U6V-B1—the environmentally friendlier netbook Ever since netbooks—the tiny, ultra-portable notebooks—appeared on the market a few years ago, they have quickly become a favorite tech item for travelers on the go. Since the first Asus netbook, netbooks have also come along way—getting faster, better, lighter, and now, more green. In a day and age when many people are also […]

Solio Magnesium Edition Charger Review

How often has your phone died out on the road traveling and you are absolutely nowhere near any sort of electrical outlet? Then, you realize you have to call the hostel to confirm you reservation or phone a friend to meet for dinner. Hell, how many times have you just been away from your house and had your phone die […]

Best Netbook Cases and Bags

Ever since the Netbook appeared on the tech scene a few short years ago, these tiny, affordable computers have quickly gained immense popularity with more and more models appearing each month with better and better features. It also means there have been a wide range of Netbook Accessories appearing on the market—to help make the little computers more effective and […]

Otterbox iPhone Defender Case

Otterbox iPhone Case—the top selling hard case to keep you iPhone protected no matter how clumsy you are If you are anything like me, you have a penchant for destroying expensive electronic equipment (laptops, cell phones, iPods and cameras being my usual victims). I’ve washed cell phones with my clothes, dropped a phone from a third story balcony, and even […]

Kindle DX

Kindle DX—the bigger, larger display new kindle built for textbooks, newspapers and magazines. Travelers and flashpackers went crazy over the new Kindle 2 when it was released earlier this year (including BootsnAll CEO Sean Keener who took a Kindle on his 4-month trip). Especially when on the road for longer periods of time on non-English speaking countries, the Kindle can […]

Adesso Waterproof Portable Keyboard

Adesso foldable, water-resistant portable keyboard—the perfect spill-proof keyboard to take on the road Sure, that tiny netbook is great for traveling, but a good majority of netbook keyboards are also just plain tiny. Especially for anyone with above-average sized hands, the tiny keyboard could make you struggle to type at any kind decent pace. Many companies make portable keyboards, but […]