Camping Safety: What You Need To Have

Back in the 1930s an organization of climbers and outdoor adventures called The Mountaineers came up with a list of ten outdoor safety essentials. These Ten Essentials are recommended for safe travel in the backcountry and it is a good idea to have these items handy during any camping trip be it a weeklong backcountry excursion or a weekend car […]

Try Glamping! 10 Non-Essential Items For Un-Rugged Camping

The idea of camping might sound appealing to you if it wasn’t for sleeping on the cold hard ground, questionable food, and going days without a shower. For many people roughing it just isn’t for them.  But you have to admit that waking up to a cup of steamy hot espresso at a little known National Park or cozying up […]

Campsuds Biodegradable Soap

Campsuds Biodegradable Soap—The original effective, biodegradable travel/camping soap I was using Campsuds biodegradable soap long before the days when being green was cool and throwing the words “environmentally friendly” in front of any product was a standard marketing ploy in the market. In fact, my first memories of Campsuds go back to the days when my parents would buy a […]

REI Kingdom 4 Family Tent

REI Kingdom 4 Family Tent – Roomy and organized family tent. Car camping allows you a lot of privileges that other means of camping don’t. One such privilege is the ability to bring along a big tent. This is great for families, as there are few things that could turn a family camp out South as being cramped into a […]

Family Camping Tents

Going camping with the entire family can be a great bonding experience. But, having the wrong tent for family camping can create a bad case of cabin fever fast. The end result is an unpleasant experience for the whole family, but especially for the parents. Now the question becomes, what sort of qualities and features make for a good family […]

Hennessy Hammock Expedition A-Sym Hammock

Hennessy Hammock Expedition A-Sym Hammock– Best hammock ever. If you think are hammocks are created the same, you have obviously never slept inside of a Hennessy Hammock Expedition A-Sym Hammock. To say the Hennessy Hammock Expedition A-Sym Hammock is the worlds most comfortable backpacking hammock would not even begin to do it justice. But, the amazing comfort factor is only […]

Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard

Bibler Tripod Bivy – Standard – An upscale bivy. Bivys are a cool idea and great for those who want to pack and travel lite. The problem is, bivys aren’t for everyone. Many people can’t stand the ones that don’t offer some sort of frame to keep the bivy off their face, while other don’t like how hard it is […]

Jetboil Personal Cooking System

Jetboil Personal Cooking System–A must-have stove stove for backpackers What backpacker hasn’t had problems getting a camping stove light or felt like it took FOREVER to cook something out in the wilderness? Anyone who has ventured into the backcountry knows a broken-down or ill-working stove can be a huge drag. However, problems cooking in the wilderness will be a thing […]