Best Eco-Friendly Backpacks and Bags For Travel

Way to much of what gets made ends up in the trash. By buying gear made from recycled materials, we not only reduce the amount of wasted headed to the landfill, but we reduce the amount of raw materials needed to make a new product. Buying products made from recycled materials is also a statement to these companies that eco-friendly […]

Best Travel Packs at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show

This week I am at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, a twice-yearly event of the latest and greatest outdoor gear and equipment.  I spent the first day scouring the exhibition floor for the new best daypacks for travel.  I spent the entire day looking for bags that have TSA compliant laptop sleeves and plenty of useful […]

Dog Backpacks

Many hikers enjoy hiking with their dog but tire of carrying supplies for their dog as well as their own necessities. Well why not strap a pack onto your pup and let him carry his own trail snacks and water? Dog backpacks are a great way to save on personal space while still having all your dog’s necessities along. There […]

The Best Women-Specific Backpacks of 2010

What’s the deal with women-specific packs? Do I really need one? Are they really that much better than unisex packs or are they just a marketing ploy to appeal to women? Trust me women-specific backpacks are much more than backpacks with pretty colors and designs. Women-specific packs are designed to conform to the unique shape of a woman so they […]

Burton Rider’s Snowboard Pack

Burton Rider’s Snowboard Pack – More than just a snowboarding backpack. While the Burton Rider’s Snowboard Pack may look small and pretty standard, it is far from it. make no mistake about it, the Burton Rider’s Snowboard Pack is indeed a serious snowboard pack. It has all the feature you need for a day of serious backcountry snowboarding. If you […]

Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack

Lowepro Primus AW Camera Pack -A Camera Pack for Backpackers I have always liked the idea of the bigger backpack camera bags. They offer a much better way of getting a lot of camera gear out to a remote location. The problem that I always had with them was that it seems liked the designers first thought about how they […]

Burton Distortion Backpack

Burton Distortion Backpack – A snow, skate, and urban backpack. There are plenty of day packs out there that claim to do it all. That they are the last daypack you will ever need to buy. Perhaps you even own on of these said backpacks. Well, let me ask you, can your day pack hold a snowboard, skateboard, and a […]

GoLite Jam2 Pack

GoLite Jam2 Pack – Lightweight multi-day pack. The GoLite brand of backpacks sure picked a good name for them self. These packs are so light that they may actually get you to consider becoming one of those obsessive lightweight backpackers. You know, the kind that sawtooth brushes in half and all that jazz. Pick up the GoLite Jam2 Pack and […]

Osprey Kestrel 38 Pack

Osprey Kestrel 38 Pack – A larger sized daypack. Depending on your outdoor activity of choice, some day hikes can require more gear than the typical daypack will allow for. For these type of trips need something in between a daypack and a full blown backpack. For these types of day hikes there is the Osprey Kestrel 38 Pack. The […]