Travel Gear Blog: Best Comments of Last Week

Blah Blah Blah. Yak Yak YakThe last week on TGB (That’s what we call Travel Gear Blog when we’re too lazy to type it all out) we had a couple comments from the companies that produce the products we’ve written about.

First of all, to those companies, we thank you for using the comment form! This is a great way to let your prospective customers know about your comments on what we’ve written. Whether it’s inaccurate, slanderous or just praise for our fancy web site. Either way, keep it coming.



  • Alisa, President of Pitotubes lets us know that her products are TSA approved size. Read.
  • Jodi, Inventor of the Red E Bag (personal barf bag) claims her fame in the photograph on our post, and clarifies that the baggie doesn’t need to be cleaned, just remove the liner. Read.
  • Bob, the Happily Constipated Traveler implies he doesn’t need travel toilet seat covers. Read.
  • Johan from Kirou Outdoor blog gives us insider tips on the food Swedes think are worse than Lutefisk. Ive had pickled herring before, but never this weird fermented stuff called Surströmming. Reminds me of Borat’s fermented horse urine… Read.

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