Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp

Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp – Built to withstand mother nature.

When you need an intense beam of light in any weather condition, you need the Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp. There are plenty of headlamps out there that have waterproof housing and long battery life, but those features usually come at a price. You either get strong light and little batter time or the exact opposite. With the Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp and its battery poack, you get powerful light in any condition.

The Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp has about as sleek of a design as any headlamp with a serious battery pack can have. Im not talking about a small triple A pack that can be worn on your head. No sir, the Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp uses 8 triple A batteries the are housed in a pack that can be clipped to your belt or pack to create a more comfortable headlamp.

This clip on battery pack also helps your batteries last longer in cold conditions. When the temperature drops, you can put the battery pack into the your inner layer shirt pocket to help keep the batteries warm and lasting longer. The Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp uses a total of seven LEDs to throw around some serious lighting power.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $81.90




Why they rock:

  • Apex Extreme features a compact battery pack that houses 8 AA alkaline batteries (included) and can be clipped to your waist or backpack to minimize the weight on your head
  • In cold weather, put the battery pack in a pocket or wear it under clothing to increase the efficiency and run time of alkaline batteries
  • Intense 3-watt LED with optimized lens casts a powerful 100 lumens of output; beam illuminates objects up to 110m away
  • 3-watt LED combined with the Princeton Tec optimized lens/collimator maximizes the beam by balancing long throw with flood light
  • 4 standard 5mm LEDs surround the 3-watt LED for softer light with extended battery life
  • Select from 2 lighting levels on both the 3-watt and standard LEDs to meet your lighting needs; features a flashing emergency strobe
  • Power-regulated circuit board ensures consistent lighting levels; Apex Extreme provides 2.5 hrs. of regulated light and 100 hrs. of total burn time on high
  • Proprietary heat sink technology prevents light from getting too hot and damaging the LEDs
  • Apex Extreme is designed to work with alkaline, lithium or rechargeable batteries

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

I highly recommend the Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp to anyone who will be doing any extend traveling outdoors in cold weather. The option of being able to move the battery pack around goes a long way in keeping your headlamp working in the cold. The price is also extremely affordable for the product.

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