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Best Snowboard and Ski Backpacks

While having a great snowboard or ski backpack may not be a totally essential piece of ski gear (like skis, boots and poles), it can definitely be a nice piece of gear to have when you are up on the mountain. Whether you are casual ski holidayer who makes it up to the mountain a few times a year, an […]

How To Pick Snowshoes

People have been strapping snowshoes onto their feet for centuries to help them navigate across large snowy patches of ground more easily and without sinking deep into the powder with every step. Today, snowshoes are not only a practical way to hike during snowy winter months, but is also a great way to get outside and get a solid workout […]

Best Avalanche Beacons

Do you love to ski in the backcountry? Hike up brutal mountains to make those elusive fresh tracks in a blanket of fluffy white powder? Drop into uncharted ski territory? Ski back bowls and occasionally duck the ropes at your favorite ski area? If you are a powder junkie, big mountain skier, and/or freerider, it’s likely that you have already […]

The Best Backpack Daypacks

Daypacks are small hiking backpacks that are great for short trips and typically hold 15-35 liters of gear.  As with most things in the outdoor industry, backpacks have really evolved over the past few years.  Back in the day, hiking daypacks were nothing more than glorified school backpacks with very few features. These days you can find daypack backpacks that […]

Dog Backpacks

Many hikers enjoy hiking with their dog but tire of carrying supplies for their dog as well as their own necessities. Well why not strap a pack onto your pup and let him carry his own trail snacks and water? Dog backpacks are a great way to save on personal space while still having all your dog’s necessities along. There […]

The Best Hiking Backpacks

For serious outdoor enthusiasts, buying a hiking backpack can be almost as important as buying a new car. Sure it is not as expensive as a car, but it is a mini investment and one that should not be taken lightly. Taking the time to research, try on, and test out hiking backpacks is really important if you want to […]

Best LED Headlamps

Best LED Headlamps – the best and the brightest compact headlamps In the early days of headlamps they were monstrous things that were so heavy and awkward that they were only used by miners, cavers, mushers, and others who had no choice. Today however, the headlamp market couldn’t be any further away from its pioneering roots. The headlamps we see […]

Eagle Creek Dual Wattage Converter Set

Eagle Creek Dual Wattage Converter Set—the total adapter set you’ll need for any international adventures Eagle Creek claims it designs its product lines to make travel easier and more fun, and I have to admit their dual wattage converter set does just that. They take the thinking out of buying international adapters by putting everything you need into one easy […]

Women’s Keen Targhee II Trail Shoes

Keen Targhee II Trail Shoes—Stay cool and comfortable in your shoes on your next adventure Whether you wear Keen’s Women’s Targhee II shoe for trail running or just roaming around the campsite, you’re going to feel a comfortable difference over conventional waterproof active wear shoes when you don the Targhee II. That’s because unlike other trail running shoe manufacturers who […]

North Face Mens Khumbu Fleece Jacket

North Face Mens Khumbu Jacket—a midweight fleece layer perfect for wearing under your ski coat or by itself on cool spring or fall days I have long been a big fan of North Face gear. Sure some people may like the brand more for the label than for actual usage, but I’ve had many a North Face jacket that has […]