Want to Oogle Cool Outdoor Gear?

Dakota Angler IIIt’s pretty well known that Swedes have good design taste, and even make some practical products. As much as they hate being infamous for lutefisk (if you read on that link, the stuff about lutefisk in Finland is a DOWNRIGHT LIE!!) they should be proud about their other fame, such as their almost-as-good-as-Suomi ice hockey teams, Volvos and Ikea. I’ll stop there, ’cause Ikea is a whole conversation in itself.

So if you want to see the Ikea-like genious in picking cool outdoor gear, go check out Johan Bellander’s KirouOutdoor blog. While us Yankees may have a hard time finding some of the stuff he posts, it’s worth checking out if only to get your hopes worked up. He’s also got a knack for finding some of the more unique outdoor items I’ve seen online like the Dakota Angler II. This weird hybrid tool is a carabiner meets watch meets compass meets light meets fishing hook sharpener. Like, dubya-tee-eff, man? The Swiss Army would be jealous, but they’re landlocked so they don’t need the fish hook sharpener.




Check out KirouOutdoor to get your gearlust on. Remember, to be a responsible blog visitor, you must come back cause we’re the one who sent you there. Pretty please?