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Travel Toilet Seat Covers & Wipes

Travel Toilet Seat Covers & WipesTravel toilet seat covers are almost a must when you’re going to places that are known for poor hygiene. Either that, or learn how to squat well.

This little travel pack that contains 10 toilet seat covers and 20 “moisturizing” antibacterial wipes fits the need well. One of the unexpected features provided is a “one year warranty.” Huh? What kind of warranty could they possibly offer on toilet seat covers and wipes?

I’m speechless. But not for long.

I urge you to pick up some of these for your next trip to the world’s dirtiest country, Australia Just kidding – that’s not really true, well at least not applicable in this way. China is usually given this honor. If you’re going there, check out Tips for American Tourists in China.

Stay clean, San Diego. And buy these toilet products from for only $17.43.