The North Face finally wakes up

According to a blurb in the Sporting Goods Business newsletter, Police have seized over 500 “allegedly” counterfeit jackets at the firm that operates

An investigator hired by TNF reportedly told police that’s parent company had 641 TNF jackets in their possession as of November 10.

Apparently, the counterfeit jackets have turned up everywhere from Los Angeles to New York City.

Speaking as an ex-employee of The North Face, I am tickled to see something finally done. Regular confirmed reports of the internet sales of phony North Face merchandise and apparel were routinely ignored by management when I worked there.




Hats off to the team who finally did something.

To those folks who think that they will get a smokin’ deal on a parka at the Beijing Silk Market or on a backpack on Khao San Road, just forget it. Those are not “over runs”. The quality of unauthorized products is very poor and when the products are turned in for a warranty repair they will just be sent back unrepaired.

Buy the real thing, pay the going price, don’t be a sucker.