The NOLS Bus Trip

nols bus

NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) is touring the South East in its very own vegetable oil powered bus. Big deal you say, well, there’s actually more to it. They are riding around to not only promote environmental awareness, but also outdoor skills, leadership, and education.

The NOLS bus is,




“Powered by recycled vegetable oil (RVO), solar power, and sponsored by Stonyfield Farm, the makers of organic yogurt, this educational program on wheels provides an active, environmentally conscious way to learn about the outdoors and celebrate leadership in your community.”

If you come to see the NOLS bus in action you’ll finds loads of free stuff from the buses sponsors. From stickers to yogurt, your sure to walk away with something. Before you get your hands full of free stuff, make sure to check out the rock climbing/bouldering wall built onto the side of the bus!

For a complete list of the event locations, click here.