Best LED Headlamps

Best LED Headlamps – the best and the brightest compact headlamps In the early days of headlamps they were monstrous things that were so heavy and awkward that they were only used by miners, cavers, mushers, and others who had no choice. Today however, the headlamp market couldn’t be any further away from its pioneering roots. The headlamps we see […]

Black Diamond Spot LED Headlamp

Black Diamond Spot LED Headlamp – Super bright and water-resistant headlamp Black Diamond’s Spot LED Headlamp is super bright and ultra light.  Equipped with a 1-watt DoublePower LED and three SinglePower LEDs, the Spot headlamp emits a whopping 60 lumens in its max setting. Housed in a newly designed reflector, the Spot beams like a spotlight strong enough for dawn […]

Petzl MyoBelt XP

Petzl MyoBelt XP – A extra powerful 1 LED headlamp. Forget offbrand heaadlamps that advertise 1000 LEDs! The Petzl MyoBelt XP only has one Led light and that’s all it needs. While the Petzl MyoBelt XP may only have 1 LED, its plenty bright and it waist belt battery pack make it ideal for cold weather trips.

The Black Diamond Zenix IQ

The Black Diamond Zenix IQ – Efficiency at its best Stop wasting batteries with other headlamps. The Black Diamond Zenix IQ can give you everything comparable headlamps offer, but with the use of less power. While many similar headlamps use 3 to 4 AA batteries, the Black Diamond Zenix IQ only needs 2.

Q&A Money Belts and Mini Flashlight

Question “I’m looking for a money belt and a hand held mini flashlight. Any ideas?” Answer The money belt one is an easy suggestion. I personally like the Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt the best. A quick search on Amazon for “money belts” brings up a long list of bulky money belts or men’s dress belts.

Petzl e+LITE

Petzl e + LITE – Petzl’s first emergancy headlamp I’ve always fancied headlamps, actually, had a fetish for them sounds more correct. In fact, you could probably call me a connoisseur of headlamps. They are small, shed light, and if used properly; blind the enemy. What’s not to love about them? If there is one company who knows how to […]