Airport Check-In Briefcase Camera and Laptop Bag

Airport Check-In Briefcase—carry your camera equipment on board safely Since travelers are so frequently photographers also (whether it be amateur, hobbyists or professionals), finding a good bag to travel with your camera is a necessity for almost every photographer. Since your camera bag is an essential part of keeping your expensive gear safe, a bag you can carry on to […]

Lowepro Ridge 60

Lowepro Ridge 60 Digital Camera Bag – A point and shoot camera bag. So many point and shoot camera bags are only large enough for you to carry your camera, some extra batteries, and maybe another memory card. Carry all that stuff and you are maxed out for space. What if you have a waterproof digital camera and want to […]

Waterproof Digital Camera

Looking for a waterproof digital camera? Let us help you find the one you want with our guide you by listing just about every one that we’re able to find. Looking to buy one? Here are the current bestselling waterproof digital cameras: Olympus Stylus Tough-8010 Digital Camera (buy) Canon Powershot D10 (buy) Fujifilm FinePix XP10 (buy) Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP (buy) […]

Sanyo Xacti

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA6 – A small weatherproof digital video camera. The Sanyo Xacti VPC is the extreme model in the company’s line of digital camcorders. How extreme is it? Well, it is designed to take pictures and video anywhere but underwater. The Sanyo Xacti has multiple shooting modes, a 2 inch LCD, and more.

SeaLife Reefmaster ECO Shot

SeaLife Reefmaster ECO Shot – The world’s first truly waterproof and shockproof digital sports camera. Recently I told you about the SeaLife DC500 digital camera and how it was perfect for SCUBA divers. Now I’m going to tell you about the Reefmaster ECO shot. The ECO shot is an underwater digital camera of the caliber as the DC 500, but […]

Sealife DC500 Digital Camera

Sealife DC500 Digital Camera – A great underwater digital camera for SCUBA hobbyists. The Sealife DC500 is a great digital camera for SCUBA divers  who want something that can handle a little bit more depth. Typical waterproof digital cameras can only go to depths of around 10 – 20ft. However, the Sealife DC500 can dive to an astonishing 200ft. The […]

PENTAX Optio 30

PENTAX Optio W30 – two hours of underwater fun. The Pentax Optio 30 has many of the same features as the Optio 20. The real selling point is the W30 is its improved durability. $269.00 Before the Pentax Optio W30 came along, many waterproof digital cameras could only be submerged to 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes. This bad […]

Pentax Optio W20

Pentax Optio W20 – An underwater digital camera that has consumers coming back for more. The Optio W20 is certainly the best bang for the buck. It may not have all the nifty do-dads of some more expensive underwater digitals cameras, but its users don’t seem to mind. I read quite a few reviews about this camera and the […]

Olympus Stylus 770SW

Olympus Stylus 770SW – The worlds tougest water proof digital camera. I’ve been talking a lot about water proof digital cameras lately. Why, why not? They are the perfect buy for any traveler. They certainly don’t come cheap, but what they do come with is loads of features, peace of mind, and the ability to get some killer shots. The […]