Arc’Teryx Stingray Jacket

Arc’Teryx Stingray Jacket – Only for the serious outdoor enthusiast. There is no doubt that the Arc’Teryx Stingray Jacket is an amazing rain jacket/all around great jacket. While it may be a little too expensive for the casual winter outdoorsman or skier. With a price tag of around $400+ it is a mini investment for just about anyone. That said, […]

Arc’Teryx Venta AR Jacket

Arc’Teryx has regularly put out some amazing piece of outdoor gear. The Arc’Teryx Venta AR Jacket is just another one of the prime examples of this. I like just about everything that these guys come out with, but I usually can’t afford any of it, as it is usually way out of my budget. The Arc’Teryx Venta AR Jacket on […]

Arc’Teryx Alpha SL Jacket

Arc’Teryx Alpha SL Jacket – Powerful rain protection. There are a ton of really cool rain jackets on the market today. Many of them are made to protect from weather conditions that will probably never be caught in. While the materials that make up these sorts of jackets are nothing short of amazing, they do come at a cost. These […]

Arc’Teryx Naos 70 Backpack

Arc’Teryx Naos 70 Backpack – External frame extended trip backpack. Arc’Teryx has long been known for their creativity and innovation when it comes to outdoor products. The Arc’Teryx Naos 70 Backpack is no exception to this. In fact, it is a prime example of their ability to raise the bar when it comes to outdoor products. With the Arc’Teryx Naos […]

Arc’Teryx Silo 18 Pack

Arc’Teryx Silo 18 Pack – A winter daypack. It isn’t that often that you find a daypack that is made especially for winter hiking. Turns out, the Arc’Teryx Silo 18 Pack is made just for such activities. Its unique design not only offers plenty of room for the essentials, but also sports some cool snow shedding capability. Sounds like a […]

Arc’Teryx Theta AR Jacket

Arc’Teryx Theta AR Jacket – For year round mountaineering. Serious outdoor types demand nothing but the best when it comes to personal gear, especially clothing. The Arc’Teryx Theta AR Jacket isn’t made , or priced, for the casual outdoor type. This jacket is built for the demanding mountaineering enthusiast who spends more time in the backcountry then they do in […]

Arc’Teryx Bora 95 Pack

Arc’Teryx Bora 95 Pack – Big, tough, and water tight. If your more of the adventure going outdoor enthusiast and less of the “hang out around camp” backpacker; you likely have a lot of gear. The more extreme the activity, the more gear you will need to carry. Thankfully there is the Arc’Teryx Bora 95 Pack. Designed to carry super […]

Arc’teryx Gamma MX

Arc’teryx Gamma MX Jacket – When it comes to anything made by Arc’teryx you know you are getting a quality piece of gear. The Arc’teryx Gamma MX Jacket is no exception. Its superb cut, sleek design, and well thought out features make perfect for the backcountry or around town. No matter what activity you plan on doing, the Arc’teryx Gamma […]