Smart Gym System on the Road

Hitting the road and looking for a way to take your workout with you? It’s daunting to look at and slightly confusing to set up at first, but the SMARTGYM system is worth figuring out if you’re looking to exercise in the privacy of your own room.

Although designed for home use, the system touts itself as “the most convenient and effective portable body-shaping and fitness system ever developed”. While not economical for a backpacker with severely limited space, a businessman who plans to be away for more than a few nights may find the luggage room – SMARTGYM weighs about 3.5 pounds and fits into a bag slightly smaller than a fold-up camping chair.

To set up the SMARTGYM, you need a door. The system hooks around it, locking in place. A rope and pulley system with resistance bands allows the user to adjust the intensity for each exercise – the harder the resistance, the more bands you use. The system allows for common exercises like shoulder press and reverse fly but can also be used for abs and tricep extensions.




The SMARTGYM comes with a book of more than 70 exercises, however, some of them are very difficult to do and are probably not commonly done for long periods of time. For instance, the cardio exercises include strapping a belt around your waist. Sure, running against resistance while pulling on bands with your arms may burn 850 calories an hour, but most people would probably do better – and last longer – on an outdoor run.

Why Have it: If you’re into working out in the privacy of your own room – not the ghetto hotel gym – it’ll work you as hard as you’re willing to.
Why Leave it Behind: You’re low on space, you can’t bring yourself to work out at home – let alone on the road, or there isn’t a proper ‘door’ to hand it on.
Super Cool Extra: There are sport-specific exercises to help you work on your shot, your swing or your stroke.

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