Reef Fanning Sandals

Reef Fanning Sandals – When you really like beer.

Currently on sale at Backcountry for $34.75 making it even easier to pick up a pair of these ever-popular Mick Fanning heritage sandals today.

Thongs are typically not the most comforable sandals for everyday use. That strap between toes can leave your feet raw and the soles can end up feeling like a wooden plank.

Reef sandals are different. I picked up a pair of their Fanning sandals and have been wearing them every day for a month now. The upper portion is soft, comfortable and durable. Most thongs that I have owned in the past stretch after a few days of wear and they tend to become loose on my feet. The Fanning started out snug and still remains securely attached to my feet after heavy use. Reef has added an “airbag” to the heel portion of the sole which offers a more cushoned feel than most thongs.




Have you ever been in desparate need of a bottle opener? These sandals have a built in bottle opener in the sole. It is probably not the most sanitary way to crack open a cold bottle of beer, but works well in a pinch. I have tested it a couple of times – it works great because of the amount of leverage I get with my size 13’s. Realistically, it is good for nothing more than being a conversation piece. Several people have noticed and were in awe of this feature until they realized the potential for mystery substances showing up on bottle tops.

Why would you want these? – These are very comfortable, durable and fashionable thongs.

Why not these? – Don’t buy them just for the coolness factor of the bottle opener. If you need something guaranteed to stay securely on your feet, these probably aren’t the best choice.

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