Only one bra?

Last night I went to the most excellent Easy Going travel book store for a book reading. The book in question is the very delightful new collection of humorous short stories entitled “Sand In My Bra & Other Misadventures” which was edited by co-conspirator Jen Leo for the very worthy (and very under appreciated) Travelers Tales press.

The store was packed, standing room only; there must have been over 80 people there last night. Jen, of course, was there and she hoodwinked several of the books authors to show up and read excerpts from their chapters. Hugely hilarious, these stories were so funny that I nearly peed in my pants.

If you want huge belly laughs and want to read some great writing, go buy this book.

Jen also read from a story whose author was not present, a story concerning unfortunate packing decisions.

The author apparently had gone on an extended trip to Asia and had packed only one brassiere and five pair of underpants for the entire trip. Of course, that meant that if her brassiere should get lost (and under certain circumstances, anything could happen) then she would be faced with searching for European-sized undergarments in the land of the especially tiny.

Doesn’t that sound like fun reading?
I’m telling you: buy the book.




Just to perfectly clear, I do not wear women’s underwear.

I have never been faced with scouring Bangkok looking for replacement frilly undergarments and I hope never to be faced with that challenge. (Don’t even go there, OK? I am straight)

I once did attempt to buy some sandals in Asia, only to have numerous shopkeepers shake their heads in disbelief at the size of my immense Western feet. My feet, by American standards, are about average. The only footwear in stock in Asia is intended for tiny Asian feet, and I ended up searching in vain.

I had somewhat better luck finding t-shirts. One doesn’t fit in well with the backpackerati until one has several typical t-shirts; ones that tout “Singha” or “Red Bull”.

Since I am roughly the size of an adult male walrus, I did have a little trouble finding any shirts that would even fit me without squeezing like a tight corset.

On my forthcoming trip I will bring all my own clothes along and will make sure to pack enough socks and underwear.

No bras, however.

If there was one available in my size, it would look like two parachutes sewn together.