Lightweight First Aid Kits for Hiking

Hiking is an excellent sport and exercise, whether for a short day hike, a longer walk for a few days or a week, or a long distance trek for several months. As with any sport, preparation and training help to make the endeavor fun and safe. As with any sport, injuries, accidents and illnesses will occur. In general, a first aid kit should be part of your survival gear and always available for hikes. It is a good idea to keep a kit for all general activities as well as one that is targeted to specific endeavors. For instance, you don’t need the same gear for water skiing as you might carry for a spring walk in the Smokies. However, there are several basic items that you will want to have, at least on your person. You can compare this to how you carry your driver’s license while driving to the corner store, carry a Voter’s Registration card when voting, carry a Passport when traveling to Paris, and carry a driver’s license, Social Security card and proof of citizenship to a new job.

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