LaCie Mobile Hard Drives

Lacie Mobile Hard DriveI received a copy of MacWorld in the mail today and noticed an ad for LaCie Mobile Hard Drives. I have been shopping around for a portable drive for a while. I would like for my music and data to be easy to haul around without having to always carry my laptop. These portable drives use either USB 2.0 or Firewire connections for high-speed data transfer. The drives can be powered through a USB port, so there is no power cable to be carried. No drivers are needed for Windows 2000, XP, or Mac OS X. Rumor has it there is a biometrically secured version coming out. My biggest fear with a drive this small is that it could be easy to damage if it takes some abuse. I have seen a couple of Microdrives go bad when not treated with care.

If you are really greedy for space and don’t mind less portability, you could always try the 2 TB (2,000 GB / 2,000,000 MB) external drive due out soon.