Kim Allan Silk – Underwear and Loungewear Review

When I think of silk, I think of nightgowns, dresses and luxury. From there, I envision dry-cleaning bills, wrinkles and delicate fabric. For these reasons, the last thing I’d associate silk clothing with is travel.

That is, until I tried out a few pieces by Kim Allan Silk. KAS features 100% silk knit and 70/30 silk/cotton blend items that don’t wrinkle, scrunch up small enough to fit into the corner of any backpack AND are machine washable.

I tested the 100% silk long sleeve top and 100% silk French cut underwear.

The long sleeve top was an awesome layering piece. It fixed the always-five-degrees-too-cold problem I seem to have and didn’t extra a bunch of bulk. Warning – don’t expect to wear the silk long sleeve top alone. It’s very thin and sheer.




The underwear was…nice. A fun thing to wear, but not quite as road-practical. Both pieces washed well and dried quickly, although you have to be careful not to hang them on anything sharp.

KAS is based in Vancouver, B.C., so all prices are in Canadian dollars. They ship anywhere in the world for free and have a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. Can’t figure out what size you’d take, even with the online guide? Ask Kim – she’ll answer your inquiry directly.

Why Have it: A little bit of luxury can go a long way on the road
Why Leave it Behind: Your trip is primarily active and requires technical products, or you’ll only be vacationing in sweltering heat
Super Cool Extra: There are some excellent deals to be had with the web specials

More info online at and by phone at 1.800.709.5366.