Jetboil Personal Cooking System

Jetboil PCSI recently had the chance to play around with a Jetboil PCS. This cooking system is pretty cool. As the Jetboil site claims we were able to boil 2+ cups of cold water in under 2 minutes. I have almost always used a WhisperLite for cooking while backpacking, camping, or traveling. The Jetboil will probably take the place of my WhisperLite. The price is the same, $80 U.S. for a Whisperlite and $80 for the Jetboil.

Here are some things that I really like about the Jetboil:

Low fuel consumption
Quickly boil water
Eat or drink out of what you are cooking in
French press accessory for making coffee
Entire setup fits inside of the Jetboil cup (approximately the size of a Nalgene container)
You can borrow and test one for FREE.




Some of my concerns/dislikes:

Cooking some foods inside the canister can lead to burning. Choose food wisely. Practice cooking on the Jetboil before getting away from home.
Jetboil claims that their fuel is the greatest and cannot warrant use with other fuel canisters although they will most likely work. This is probably not much of a concern if your local outdoor retailer has them. I know that REI carries the canisters.