I kept staring at her pack…

A couple of years ago I was traveling in Turkey with some Aussies.
There was one in particular that I fancied, not only because she was extremely attractive, intelligent and charming; she most certainly was, but because of her backpack.

I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of her pack.

I had rarely seen such excellent workmanship and construction, attention to detail and design. Since I then made my living figuring out what goes wrong with packs (and saw plenty of the piss-poor, excuse-for-a-pack marketed by Kathmandu) I was surprised to see one of the best, most well-made travel packs that I had seen in years.

The brand is Mont. Not available in the United States, but if you are lucky enough to live in Australia, please check out their product line. Quality stuff. Too bad they don’t sell it here in the States.




Oh, me and the gal? It was purely platonic.

Though I still lust after her pack.