Going out for lunch. I’ll be back shortly.

I am going to use up some air miles and travel back to Thailand for a couple of weeks. For, um, “research”.

Apparently, I just didn’t get my fill of the place last time I was there and am now afraid that I maybe hooked on SE Asia.

What are my plans? Pretty simple: to eat lunch.

I have a UAL flight to Hong Kong and am then coming into Bangkok on Thai Airways. A quick cab ride to Suk 11 where, hopefully, my train tickets are waiting for me.

Thru the internet, I had my travel agent (Charlie) reserve a 2nd class, A/C equipped, lower bunk on the night train to Chiang Mai for me and he was supposed to mail the tickets to my guesthouse. Should be fine.




Once up north, I will be staying at my usual place: the very fabulous Hollanda Montri for only 200 baht (US$5.00) a night.

My plans are simple: eat, drink and nap. Oh, and depending upon the weather, I may visit Pai.

I will be traveling light (practicing what I preach for once) and will be carrying my old North Face medium Galileo and a Kiva Designs briefcase. (disclaimer: I am employed by Kiva Designs).

A few books, a camera, my Palm III and some earplugs will be my entertainment. I am going back to eat as much curried noodles with coconut milk (a Northern Thai dish) as I can stuff into my face.