Exercise While Traveling

It seems like everyone is trying to get in shape these days. Walking and jogging are a good way to maintain cardio fitness, but how can anyone build lean muscle mass with no gym around? It is actually very easy. The answer is to use your body as resistance. Push-ups, situps, and squats are all exercises that can be performed without equipment or machines.

FitDeck is an easy way to get a workout without having to plan ahead or find a gym. Most people, including me, do not have the knowledge to create a thorough workout routine. FitDeck includes 50 different exercises targeting upper body, middle body, and lower body. Each card includes one exercise with three different skill levels that should be performed in under a minute. Want a 20 minute workout? Shuffle the deck and pick the top 20 cards.




I have been using fit deck to supplement my normal workout for the past few weeks. It has been nice not having to worry about what exercise is next or how much of that exercise I should do. Definately worth a look for those who struggle to workout when traveling.