Eagle Creek Pack – It Shoe Sac

Eagle Creek Pack – It Shoe Sac – The perfect solution for traveling with your boots.

I always put off bringing my hiking boots on trips for a number of reasons. The main reason being; they are a pain. They take up room, they get dirty, they get everything else dirty; like I said, a pain. Many backpacking sites will tell you to keep them in a trash bag, but those don’t hold up well at all. Luckily, the folks at Eagle Creek find this problem as annoying as I do. So, they invented the Pack – It Shoe Sac.

The Pack – It Shoe Sac is an awesome piece of travel gear. It allows you to have a secure area to pack away your wet, muddy, boots, without ruining everything else in your pack.

The Pack – It Shoe Sac is made of a material called LinkSeal. This is Eagle Creeks spill proof mesh laminate. The pleated side of the Shoe – Sac and its web grab loop make it easy to stay organized and maximize space in your pack.




Want to try out the Eagle Creek Pack – It Shoe Sac on your next trip? Buy them here.

Have you used a Shoe Sac before? What did you think?