Don’t touch that thing

Every stayed in a hotel that was just a bit too squicky?

I am not just talking about the 100 baht a night guesthouse either.

This may fall into the “what you didn’t want to know category”

Sure the sheets and pillow cases are clean, but what about the bedspead?
And what about the carpet? And what about the remote control? When was the last time that thing was touched with who-knows-what?




You may want to put a clean bath mat under your feet next to your bed where you swing your legs on to the floor, if you get my drift.

Not everybody uses hotel rooms to sleep in. From what I have been told, some people use them to do the wild thing in. Those people may not be as fastidious as you, dear reader.

Apparently, one can see these ‘remants of happier times’ under black light.

For the paranoid among us, Rest Assured markets a whole line of products that may either reassure you or cause you to buy that sleep sheet that I keep recommending.