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12 Days of Travel Gear Giveaways: Win a Thule 38-Liter Rolling Carry-On!

According to, the lucky winner of the Thule bag goes to lucky commenter 11 Dustin. Still 10 more chances to win… Thule is about much more than just ski racks these days. With their recent release of a line of quality travel bags designed for the outdoor enthusiast and adventure traveler, Thule is making a name for themselves in […]

Best Snowboard and Ski Backpacks

While having a great snowboard or ski backpack may not be a totally essential piece of ski gear (like skis, boots and poles), it can definitely be a nice piece of gear to have when you are up on the mountain. Whether you are casual ski holidayer who makes it up to the mountain a few times a year, an […]

Mountainsmith Phoenix Backpack

Mountainsmith Phoenix Backpack – An eco friendly alpine backpack. Looks may deceive you with the styling, but this old school style backpack is made up of about 85% of recycled materials. If the Mountainsmith Phoenix Backpack got any more eco friendly it would be made out of sticks and leaves. Don’t let the eco part scare you off though, this […]

Mountainsmith Recycled Tour Lumbar Pack

Mountainsmith Recycled Tour Pack—an eco-friendly tour pack for travelers and adventurers I’ll be the first to admit that the fanny-pack style (or, as Mountainsmith likes to call this pack, a lumbar style) is for me. As practical and useful as this design may be, I just would rather sport a backpack any day. That being said, just because I’m not […]

Heys EcoCase

Heys International is certainly not new to the luggage game. Heys’ unique and durable suitcases have been celebrated by the rich and famous and gotten international recognition for its functional, yet stylish suitcases. In fact, the lightweight, yet tough suitcases have also been touted as the “world’s lightest carry-on” and admired for their sleek design. Since “green” seems to be […]

Vulcana Recycled Rubber Tourist Bag

Vulcana Recycled Rubber Tourist Bag—A practical travel essential that also helps the planet When it comes to getting a good little tourist bag to safely store that passport and your valuables close to your body, the environment admittedly may not be your first concern. In fact, your first concern is probably finding a bag that works well, is easy to […]

Outdoor Products Power Pack 2.0 Laptop Backpack

Outdoor Products Power Pack 2.0 – Possibly the Ultimate Laptop Backpack Only those travelers who work out of their backpack on a daily basis can truly appreciate the value of a well designed laptop backpack. When you work out of your laptop backpack you need much more than a basic laptop backpack will offer. A laptop backpack that simply offers […]

Dynastar 1-Pair Eco Ski Bag

Dynastar 1 Pair Eco Ski Bag—a no nonsense ski bag that’ll hold you big mountain sticks Much like skis, ski bags seem to come in as many shapes, styles and colors as you can imagine. With some featuring a lot more fancy accessories—like padded center sections, wheels extra straps, hidden pockets and more. And, while those ski bags are certainly […]

Rossignol Super Haul Double Wheeled Ski Bag

Rossignol Super Haul Double Ski Bag—A great ski bag for the long haul While skiing is fun, exhilarating and often liberating, schlepping all your ski equipment is none of those things. In fact, getting your skis from point A to point B often proves to be at least cumbersome and often a huge pain in the ass. That’s why if […]

Blizzard Single Ski Bag

Blizzard Single Ski Bag—a basic padded ski bag to hold your sticks Growing up in the Colorado Rockies meant almost every weekend in the winter, I was packing my skis up and headed for the fluffy stuff in the mountains. Now living in the Pacific Northwest, my skis sometimes have to make a bit of a longer journey on a […]