Digital Cameras (and the non-digital kind too)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 waterproof digital camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TSI Waterproof Digital Camera – the first “tough camera” with HD video capability    Buy it now Everytime I damage yet another electronic item by getting it wet, I am almost always met with the same response from my family and friends: “Again? Really?” As a girl who has dropped phones in pools, run them through a full […]

Canon 200EG Camera Backpack

Cannon 200eg Camera Backpack–backpack comfortably holds a dedicated shooter’s needed gear for a daytrip hike or day out in the field There are a ton of different travel camera backpacks out there on the market that are built for the traveling professional or serious amateur photgrapher. Lending themselves towards the new trend in flashpackers who want a great bag that’ll […]

Lowepro Fastpack 250

Lowepro Fastpack 250–the ultimate flashpacking backpack that’ll hold all your gear If you are looking for one great travel camera case that can not only hold and protect your SLR or DSLR and extra lenses, but can also fit your laptop, cords, extra memory and batteries and maybe even a sandwich for the road, than the Lowepro Fastpack 250 is […]

M-Rock Arches Sling/Backpack Camera Bag

M-Rock Arches Camera Sling Pack–the newly redesigned sling pack or backpack style camera bag that’s comfortable, versatile, and protective Camera pack and bag manufacturer M-Rock recently unveiled a newly redesigned batch of camera bags that immediately got a lot of positive attention. Improving on already solid designs from before, M-Rock updated their line to meet the needs of photographers. This […]

Kata 3n1 Camera Bag

Kata 3n1 Sling Camera Bag–award winning sling pack perfect for the adventuring photographer If you are looking for a great camera bag that will carry you SLR comfortably and with ease, than getting a Kata 3n1 is probably a safe bet (meaning Three in One, get it?). This pack has not only won awards from several different photography publications, but […]

Lowepro Mini Trekker 200 Camera Bag

Lowepro Micro Trekker 200–The ideal bag for a photographer with a relatively light load, and a need to take their gear in an active environment. Lowepro has long been synonymous with professional photographers and has a great reputation for being the go-to brand for pro and serious photographers who often hit the road. This smaller version of the Lowepro travel […]

Kiesel TR300 Camera Backpack

Kiesel TR300 Camera Backpack–The ideal bag for the active photographer who wants to carry, witht the convenience of a backpack, an SLR camera with attached lens Since photography and adventure are often inextricably tied to one another, photographers who often hit the road, sometimes to remote locations, and need a sturdy, yet mobile bag for their camera will be happy […]

Lowepro Stealth Reporter 300 AW Camera Bag

Lowepro Stealth Reporter 300AW—The ideal pack for photojournalists and news photographers For those that are more than just an amateur or hobbyist photographer, and need a bag that will cater to your professional photographer needs, than you can’t do much better than this Lowepro Stealth Reporter 300AW designed specifically for the photojournalist and news photographer. This bag is specifically built […]

Tenba Mixx Photo Daypack

Tenba Mixx Photo Daypack—a great travel camera pack for the enthusiast and professional photographer Since travel and photography so often go together, finding the perfect travel camera pack to transport your expensive equipment when on the road. If you own a hard case travel camera case, but need a lighter pack for day-time use and taking pictures on the go, […]

Tamrac Velocity 10 X Sling Camera Pack

Tamrac 10X Pro Sling Camera Pack—a padded sling pack that gives you easy access to your gear while keeping it safe Since traveling and photography so often come together, finding a good travel camera case that will protect your gear while you are out on the road is an essential. Having a pack that allows you quick and easy access […]