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Polar FT 40 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar FT 40 heart rate monitor is a nice step up from the Polar FT4. The FT 40 goes beyond simply showing your heart rate and calories burned with its EnergyPointer function. During your training session, the EnergyPointer tells you the effect of your training – whether you’re improving fat burning or improving aerobic fitness and displays it graphically […]

Thule Car Roof Rack Systems

Roof racks are great for their versatility. You can adapt a roof rack to carry just about any outdoor gear item like skis, snowboards, bikes, canoes, and kayaks. You can also use a cargo box to stash all your camping, biking, or climbing gear out of the way. Thule, as well as Yakima, is one of the main companies that […]

Yakima Car Rack Roof Systems

Roof rack systems tend to be the most secure way of transporting your outdoor toys. Yet they are quite expensive to get started with. Currently there are two main companies that manufacture roof rack systems – Yakima and Thule. There are many things to consider when choosing a roof rack system for your car. You will have to decide what […]

Best Stuff Sacks and Dry Bags

Whether you’re on a river trip or a round-the-world trip, having a few stuff sacks and dry bags in your pack will prove invaluable. They’re great for organizing your gear, saving space, and keeping your goods dry. Plus stuff sacks are perfect for keeping your dirty and wet clothing away from your clean stuff. Muddy shoes, no problem – just […]

Camping Safety: What You Need To Have

Back in the 1930s an organization of climbers and outdoor adventures called The Mountaineers came up with a list of ten outdoor safety essentials. These Ten Essentials are recommended for safe travel in the backcountry and it is a good idea to have these items handy during any camping trip be it a weeklong backcountry excursion or a weekend car […]

Sea to Summit eVent Compression Sack

Sea to Summit eVent Compression Sack Combine the compactness and durability of a compression sack with the versatility of a dry bag with the Sea to Summit eVent Compression Sack. Perfect for storing a down sleeping bag or anything else you want to keep dry, the eVent’s polyurethane coating offers total waterproofness and the seams are tape sealed and double […]

Mountain Khakis Flannel Lined Mountain Pants

Mountain Khakis Men’s Flannel-Lined Mountain Pant – super durable and rugged mountain pants Mountain Khakis Flannel-Lined Mountain Pants are super tough on the outside, but super soft on the inside. The duck canvas outer is extremely durable and resists abrasions, plus it is triple stitched in high stress areas for even more rugged durability. The “mud flap” reinforced heel cuffs […]

5 Ski Accessories You Probably Don’t Need, But Want

The Huffington Post recently put together an article about the most ridiculous and excessive ski accessories on the market with items like diamond encrusted skis and an uber expensive helmet with fake dreads to crazy wheeled contraptions that clip onto your skis so you don’t have to carry them.

Sleds & Snow Toys – Not Just For Kids

The first snowfall brings out the kid in all of us. Growing up in Wisconsin, sledding was as common winter activity as ice fishing and packing into the pub to root for the Packers. My aunts and uncles would get totally carried away with finding the fastest sled and they would spray Pledge on the bottom of their saucers – […]

Magellan eXplorist GC GPS Unit

Magellan eXplorist GC GPS – designed specifically for geocaching The Magellan eXplorist GC GPS is the first handheld GPS device dedicated totally to the sport of geocaching. The device comes preloaded with many of the most popular geocaches so all you need to do is get outside and turn on your GPS to get hunting for your first cache. A […]