Oboz Hyalite Cross-Training Shoes

Oboz Hyalite Cross-Training Shoes – Tail ready hiking shoes. Who would have thought that a simple cross training shoe could be tough enough to handle extreme day hikes to the peak or handle even the most challenging of boulder fields. The Oboz Hyalite Cross-Training Shoes are true multi-sport footwear for the outdoor enthusiast. Stay comfortable on the trail no matter […]

The North Face Mountain Guide Jacket

The North Face Mountain Guide Jacket – Classic hard shell jacket For a classic mountaineer shell, try the North Face Mountain Guide Jacket. This tough jacket offers all the weather protection you could need for winter activities. The outer shell can keep you dry during backcountry skiing or mountaineering, while the stretch panels offer you freedom of movement on technical […]

Gear highlight: Cellboost disposable charger

Cellboost is a tiny disposable battery charger that is available for all the major brands of phones. It’s a great solution for frequent travelers or even just the absent minded. Since it’s portable, you don’t have to be near an outlet to charge. For optimum mobility, you can also talk on the phone while it’s being charged. From Gear highlight: […]

Vodafone cuts cost of phoning home

Vodafone threw down the gauntlet to its smaller European rivals yesterday by slashing the cost of calling home from abroad on a mobile. The company, which is under investigation from the European Commission over roaming charges, said it would launch the ”Vodafone Passport” deal for customers in 12 European countries, plus Australia and New Zealand, after trials in Germany proved […]

Travel light when trekking

To keep yourself comfortable during the long walk in the wilderness, you need proper clothing. And the first place to go hunt for that is nowhere else but your closet. Any pair of loose-fitting trousers made from breathable material but a little thicker than your pyjamas should be fine. Actually, you can even use the old slacks you no longer […]

Great Road-Trip Travel Gear

Eliminate Fuzz Hate walking out of a restaurant with your black pants covered in white napkin lint? The Good Housekeeping Institute found that the Lint Card Personal Lint Remover (79 cents; available at The Container Store; easily removes lint, dust and even pet hair from your clothes and auto upholstery. The size of a credit card, it fits neatly […]

The Gear Hunter

Normally, I don’t need an electronic translator when I travel, because my companion speaks six languages. She was my version of “The Interpreter.” And she doesn’t run on batteries. There was, however, that time in Plzen in the Czech Republic, when I had the desperate urge for a famous bowl of beer soup with bread cubes and egg yolks. Marta […]

Safe Hotspotting With For-Hire VPNs

When I travel, I’m a one-man show without an IT organization behind me to support my connectivity. That’s particularly frightening at Wi-Fi hotspots, where enterprise users can be secure using their company’s virtual private network (VPN). One solution for the rest of us is to use service-by-service encryption, such as using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for retrieving e-mail messages, but […]

BBC Presenters Clash

One is a an outspoken, speed-loving presenter with a penchant for fast cars. The other is a gentle-humoured, travel journalist who enjoys nothing more than a ride on the back of a camel. Now it seems Jeremy Clarkson and Michael Palin are about to meet head on. From BBC Presenters Clash

Cool baggage claim

The trek for travel gear would invariably lead to a ubiquitous stroll down New Market. The pocket pinch was not severe but the durability, the designs and the brand tag were nothing you could flaunt. That could change now with Giordano, the Hong Kong based apparel brand, opening its first flagship store at 2, Lindsay Street on Monday. From Cool […]