BlackBerry Devices

I use Verizon Wireless for cell phone service. The biggest complaint I have about them is a lack of selection when it comes to phones. They have had a better selection of phones lately, but are still lacking in Blackberry selection. The only BlackBerry with a color screen that is currently offered in my area is a 7250. Unfortunately, when I went to the Verizon store yesterday, they wanted $400 for it. Way too much money for portable email management and browsing.

If Verizon wasn’t the most reliable carrier here in Arizona, I would switch to T-Mobile. They currently carry 3 BlackBerrys. A friend of mine has the 7100t and it is a great option. Compact for a BlackBerry, more usable as a phone than the other BlackBerrys I have tried, and it was $100 with a new contract. Too bad T-Mobile doesn’t work very well around my house and a couple of the places in town that I go. My parents have T-Mobile service and have had alot of luck with it in Europe.




If I was planning on more travel in the near future, I would probably pick up a 7100t and switch to T-Mobile. For now, I’ll just stick with my basic phone and dream about a BlackBerry.