Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping Pads

Have you ever bought a sleeping pad just to find out that it really is not very comfortable? Many people refer to Thermarest pads when talking about a good sleeping pad. I have used Thermarest pads in the past and just did not feel there was enough difference to warrant paying $80 – $100 for one.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a Big Agnes Air Core sleeping pad. There are two different pads available:




Insulation down to 35 degrees fahrenheit
Insulation down to 15 degrees farenheit

These pads are very comfortable and about 2 1/2 times the thickness of a standard Thermarest pad. Big Agnes pads are a little heavier, but still weigh in under 2 lbs. Winner of Backpacker Magazine’s 2004 Editors’ Choice award, the Air Core pads are definately worth a look. Pricing for the 15 degree pad is around $70.