5 Gifts for Under $50

Looking for some gift ideas for that traveling child of yours or you vagabond friend, but have no idea what to get such a person? Here are some great gift ideas for that special traveler in your life. Everything you see on this list is traveler tested and apporved, which means this gifts are sure to get a good reaction. […]

Best LED Headlamps

Best LED Headlamps – the best and the brightest compact headlamps In the early days of headlamps they were monstrous things that were so heavy and awkward that they were only used by miners, cavers, mushers, and others who had no choice. Today however, the headlamp market couldn’t be any further away from its pioneering roots. The headlamps we see […]

Top 5 Convertible Pants

Top 5 Convertible Pants – perfect for summer adventure travel Convertible pants are a must have for any backpacking trip or summer adventure. If you plan on hiking the mountains of Georgia, going on an African Safari or just lounging around your campsite, convertible pants are an invaluable piece of equipment. Obviously, the versatility of convertible pants is the true […]

GoLite Shangri-La 2 Tent

GoLite Shangri-La 2 Tent – Cool ultra light 2 person tent. I have only recently started taking a liking to the minimalist type shelters like the GoLite Shangri-La 2 Tent. It wasn’t that I was against them, it was just that if I wanted to save weight, I would rather use a backpacking hammock like the Hennesy Hammock rather than […]

Big Agnes Salt Creek 2 Tent

Big Agnes Salt Creek 2 Tent – A green tent that is actually white. When it comes to green and eco friendly tents, the Big Agnes Salt Creek 2 Tent pretty much takes the cake. There is almost nothing on this backpacking tent that isn’t recycled or constructed in the most eco friendly way possible. But, you don’t have to […]

REI Signal Peak Soft-Shell Jacket

REI Signal Peak Soft-Shell Jacket – Great price for a great jacket. Most of the time I wold prefer a soft shell jacket over a fleece jacket. Sure, there are times when a fleece jacket is perfect, but to me, soft shell jackets seem to be a lot more versatile than your basic fleece. The only problem is that all […]

REI Grand Tour Travel Pack

REI Grand Tour Travel Pack – Extremely Affordable Travel Pack Love them or hate them, travel packs are a well thought out piece of travel gear. However, some people just don’t like them. They would rather travel with their old backpack than a piece of gear that been specially designed for traveling and vagabonding. I kind of understand this to […]