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Amazon Kindle

product-descr-book__v4948744_.jpgAmazon Kindle – The last book you’ll ever buy.

As much hype is going around about the Amazon Kindle, it’s amazing how many people don’t know what it is. No, it’s not some scented candle gift pack for the holiday. It’s a revolutionary new device that lets you read and buy books, magazines, and newspapers; all from the comfort of a handheld device.

The Amazon Kindle uses a technology called “electronic paper” display. This technology is supposed to be as crisp, clear, and sharp as any magazine or newspaper. This electronic paper display reads much much easier than a computer screen and without the glare.

Using a wireless technology much like todays smart phones, the Amazon Kindle can download a book, your morning newspaper, or magazine in less than a minute. It doesn’t use wireless signals, cords, and snycs; meaning you can be waiting at the doctors office and download the latest Stephen King book if youd like.

Almost as easy to use as a book, the Amazon Kindle was made to be understood by anyone. Its almost simple enough, that with a few lessons even grandma could probably figure it out. The Amazon Kindle pages read about the size of a dime store novel. The entire unit is about the size of a 200 page paperback book.

What do you think about the Amazon Kindle? Pretty cool or just a bunch of hype?

Want buy one? Guess where you can get it? – $399.00