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3-1-1 Travel Bag

fashion_sep07.jpg3-1-1 Travel Bag – Finally somebody made it.

Ever since the new “zip-lock” rule by TSA I’ve been wondering how long it would take someone to come up with a commercial solution. What I want to know is why it took so long? Its not like anyone had to come up with the idea, TSA did that part. All someone had to do was say, “hey, why don’t we ditch the zip lock bag, make a more lasting product and sell it for three times its value?”

The idea here isn’t complicated. Simply create a clear 1 quart bag, add a few clear 1 ounce bottles, and sell it to the world to relive them of their airport security frustrations. If only everybody had one of these. Then maybe the lines might move a little faster.

This 3-1-1 Travel Bag gets my vote for a number of reasons. Other than being intelligently designed to meet TSA requirements, there are some other well thought out features.

The bottle in the 3-1-1 Travel Bag have the capacity of the bottles labeled on them. This is assure strict TSA officials that the bottles are in fact 1 ounce. The only drawback is that these labels are stickers and could wear off eventually. Along with the size labels, the 3-1-1 Travel Bag also come with stickers to label your bottles. There are stickers like shampoo, lotion, hair gel etc. Lord knows you don’t want to accidently shave with hair gel.