Travel Gear Holiday Gift Guide

Date: November 23rd, 2011 | 11 Comments »

The holiday season is upon us. To some that means nothing but joyous nights spent making gingerbread cookies, tying ribbon around your gorgeously wrapped presents, watching classics like A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and A Charlie Brown Christmas, and sitting around the fire with a cup of spiked eggnog. But for some of […]

Gift Ideas For Backpackers

Date: November 23rd, 2011 | 10 Comments »

Backpacking and adventure travelers are pretty easy to please when it comes to holiday gifts. All you need to do is get them a shiny new piece of gear and you’re sure to see a smile when they open their gift. You pretty much can’t go wrong with a durable waterproof camera, a couple of […]

Gift Ideas for the Techie Traveler

Date: November 23rd, 2011 | 11 Comments »

Looking for a gift for that technology-loving traveler on your gift list? Well look no further because this list gives you plenty of ideas for that tech loving family member or friend. Compared to coming up with gifts for the backpacker or round-the-world traveler, I think finding gifts for the tech-savvy traveler is the easiest […]

Stocking Stuffers For Travelers

Date: November 23rd, 2011 | 4 Comments »

Get started on your holiday shopping early this year. For all those travelers on your shopping list, we have made it easier on you and thought of plenty of practical and creative gift ideas that are small enough to fit in a stocking. From practical items like headlamps and Swiss Army Knives to more fun […]

Motion Sickness Cure: Medication, Bracelets, or Ginger?

Date: April 25th, 2011 | 12 Comments »

For about as long as I can remember, I have been prone to motion sickness. Motion sickness is caused by conflicting messages between the senses when you are in motion. Basically the brain can’t reconcile the different messages coming from the inner ears and eyes during motion and you’re left feeling nauseous. Some people seem […]

How To Choose Eco-Friendly Travel Gear

Date: April 18th, 2011 | 5 Comments »

In honor of the upcoming Earth Day on April 22, we will be featuring eco-friendly travel gear and tips on choosing Earth friendly gear all week on Travel Gear Blog. I will be the first person to admit that I love picking up a new piece of travel gear for an upcoming trip. Until recently […]

Best Travel Neck Pillows

Date: March 21st, 2011 | 8 Comments »

In my search for the best travel neck pillow, I’ve scoured high and low and tried out memory foam, blow up, self-inflating, Tempur-Pedic, lavender smelling, and antimicrobial and realized that it all comes down to personal preference. If you’re short on space, go with an inflatable travel neck pillow. If you’re more concerned with comfort, […]

Best iPhone Cases for Travel

Date: March 7th, 2011 | 3 Comments »

The iPhone may just replace the Leatherman as the most valuable travel-sized multi-tool. Sure it can’t whittle some kindling wood for your campfire or open a can of soup, but it can make airline reservations, help you find a campsite, tell you which way is North, and help you keep your travel documents organized. If […]

Best Backpacks for RTW Trips

Date: February 28th, 2011 | 8 Comments »

The backpack is the single most important gear item for your round-the-world trip. Your backpack will be your home for the next 6 months or how ever long you’ve been lucky enough to score off for travel – so you’re going to want it to be perfect. If your backpack is too small, not padded […]

Travel Clothing: When & Where You Should Consider It

Date: February 17th, 2011 | 2 Comments »

I hate to admit it but I was once a skeptic of travel clothing. I basically thought who in their right mind would spend $80 on pants. I didn’t care if they warded off malaria with their built in insect repellent, sheltered your legs from harmful rays with their UV protecting fabrics, resisted wrinkles, dirt, […]