Sure it’s a Flashlight and a Smoke Detector, but does it also wash dishes?

torch.jpgIf you are like me – and heaven help you if you are – you like to sit around a campfire and enjoy a few adult beverages until you are frothy at the mouth and in a catatonic state. This can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous for more than just your liver. Fire is nothing to mess around with. Just ask those witches in Salem.

There is a new gadget out that sounds ideal for those camping and traveling. The Flaresafe is powerful LED flashlight as well as a smoke detector and 110 decibel SOS/distress alarm. What could be better than waking up to a fire and being able to see it with your flashlight?




Seriously, this is a neat little toy that could very well save your life so unless you hate freedom you might want to consider purchasing one.

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3 thoughts on “Sure it’s a Flashlight and a Smoke Detector, but does it also wash dishes?

  • Robert Carmichael

    Hi Bob,

    It is great to see a posting of FlareSafe on the TravelGear site, and yes, I have a vested interest in seeing it being talked about since my business partner and I invented FlareSafe.

    FYI we have just launched it in the United Kingdom, and those of your readers who live here can buy it at a number of high-street stores: Cotswold Outdoors is one; Field & Trek is another.

    Those who live abroad can buy it online either at or through one of the UK etailers: or

    Thanks for the post, and I trust FlareSafe will in the near future save lives. That is, after all, the reason for its existence.


  • Robert Carmichael

    Dear Roger,

    We at FlareBrands are working on getting a retail presence in the US at the moment, and will doubtless be doing the same in China shortly after that.

    Thanks for your interest in FlareSafe.

    Robert Carmichael, FlareBrands Limited
    Manufacturers of FlareSafe