MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove

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MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove – As simple as it gets.

I was surprised when I realized I had yet to write about the MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove here on Travel Gear Blog. The MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove has pretty much set the standard for any lightweight backpacking stove out there. In fact, the entire MSR line of stoves pretty much set the standard across the industry. Wither you are a light weight backpacker or just looking for a good, stove, you’ll love the MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove.

Don’t mistake the minimal appearance of the MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove as cheap. That like of “parts” is half of the MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove selling points. The simple design of the MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove makes everything about it easy to use. In fact, this sucker is so easy to use, you almost dont even have to clean it!

The MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove can clean itself as you hike. Now, if only your dishes could do that too! The stove accomplishes this self cleaning by way of its self cleaning needle. A simple shake here and there causes the needle to clean out any gunk that may have been created while using the stove.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $69

Why they rock:

  • New self-purging pump is durable, easy to adjust and won’t leak when you remove it from the stove after cooking
  • Unclogs itself as you hike—stove jet features a unique shaker, self-cleaning needle
  • Priming-wick shortens lighting and priming time so you can eat sooner
  • Large-diameter fuel line lets you burn poor-quality fuels such as unleaded gasoline with less maintenance and fewer cleanings than other stoves
  • Includes windscreen, reflector and storage sack
  • Requires MSR Fuel Bottle for operation, sold separately

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10
I hate to sound like a broken record, but the entire MSR line is nothing short of amazing and really sets the standard for backpacking stoves. The MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove is no exception to this. While this model is mainly geared toward weight sensitive hikers, it still comes with all the basics needed to cook in the outdoors.

Looking to Buy? Check out these sites: $69


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