eBags Router Wheeled Laptop Convertible

By Daved Brosche | Permalink | 1 comment | April 17th, 2007

Rolling BackpackeBags Router Wheeled Laptop Convertible – A great buy for pocket loving, laptop toting, business travelers.

Buy: $107.99

The eBags Router is definitely built with the business traveler in mind. It has pockets galore for all your cords, pens, random tech gear, and more. The eBags Router switches from backpack to rolling backpack in seconds. As with many rolling backpacks, it also meets the FAA carry-on requirements.

The side loading compartment for your laptop proves to be a very useful feature. Being that you have to unpack your laptop for security checkpoints, you want be able to access it quickly so that you aren’t “that guy.” This side compartment helps you do just that. Within seconds you’ll have your laptop out and be making fun of your fellow business traveler behind you.

One look inside the eBags Router and it’s obvious that it was designed for the business traveler. There is a main compartment for books, files, and more. There is also a decent organizer section to help you keep your loose papers and supplies from rolling around in the bottom of your backpack.

So, if you are a business traveler or soon to be travele writer in search of a great carry-on, you definitely want to check out the eBags Router.

Interested in picking up a eBags Router? Check them out here: $107.99

Have you used the eBags Router or any other rolling backpacks before? What did you think?


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  • omih Says:

    Hmmm…I have an irrational dislike of wheely bags.

    There appeared to be a time, I think about seven or eight years ago, when people suddenly lost the ability to carry things.

    Huge great big suitcases fair enough. But hand luggage with wheels?

    If it needs wheels (ie you can’t carry it in your hands), then it shouldn’t be hand luggage.

    Doesn’t that seem fair?

    I saw a kid the other day, coming back from school with a wheely school bag.

    It feels all wrong.